August 16, 2013

Have been seeing peeps thank their parents on their birthdays these days, so here’s my thank you… Thanks Dad, for forgetting my birthday, not a text or a call. Yup, love you too. Thanks Mom, for making me understand how useless and unworthy of living I am since the day I was born. Thanks Mom for teaching me loving someone is to hurt them through any excuses to make yourself feel better. Thanks Mom, for telling me every single day how ugly I am and how much I should not continue breathing cause I served no purpose. Thanks Mom, for trying to throw me away every chance you had unless you were getting money out out it. Oh dear ol’ Dad was in that one as well. Thank you both my parents for reminding my whole life you both regretted giving birth to me, and wished you hadn’t. Thank you, for teaching me everything I’d never put my own children through. However, at this moment in life, I am as proud as I can be, because I know I’ve walked through every cold hard step of it on my own. And the only thing I care about now is being happy, and appreciate even the smallest things in life.

Still loving life~

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