Go be something…

5The feeling and desire most chase after at times are imprinted in us for many uncontrollable reasons, it’s a conditioned emotion, that hollow feeling you have on your darkest days. Maybe, one should go explore more things and hopefully find something even more satisfying and fulfilling instead of living a lifetime of disappointments. It is actually very hard to undo a conditioned emotion from childhood environmental influences, all you can do is learn to live with it the best you can. Find a distraction, something else, that gives you as much gratification and accomplishment feeling as what you lack. I, threw away all the shit in my past and learned to keep things simple and love all the things around me, good or bad. Go step outside the box and explore your possibilities, you’ve earned it, believe it. GO be whatever it is you’ve never thought possible, try new things.. you might surprise yourself. 🙂

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