December 5, 2013

People keep telling me I should lower my standard these days, or I’ll never find someone. But honestly, it’s only me bringing my standards to normal. For once in my life, I actually love myself enough not to settle for less. Believe me. My so called standards are just my basic attraction preference, I’ve been with more than enough men I wasn’t even remotely attracted to. I’ve been with men where I showered in shame after from feeling so disgusted with myself. I’ve kept fuck buddies and dated men I hated kissing from the lack of attraction or simply repulsion. And honestly, it’s not that there are no men out there I’m attracted to, it’s that those are ones who aren’t attracted to me. Or it’s my addiction of chasing men out of my league.. it’s funny, none of the men I drool over even finds me attractive, but hey, why not, for a hot piece of ass.. Seriously, I’ve been abandoned, given up, thrown away, left behind, or simply rejected so many times most would actually be surprised, I might cry for a night, but I’ll stand up and continue walking proud the next day. So no, I don’t think I have high standards, I’m just being honest, plus I’m just in the wrong country, lol, sadly I’ll be staying long term in order to brew experience in my current employment, which also is my passion. This year, I’ve grown up a lot, discovered a bit more about myself and learning how to love myself more. What have you done this year?

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