April 5, 2014

How normal people do relationships..
The attraction
The initial contact
The chase
The woo-ing
The probation
(getting into your bed) – best behavior period.
The dating,
getting to know each other
The sex
The getting used to each other (Pros and Cons)
The downfall either by finally knowing the other person,
or realizing they don’t know them at all.
Guess what, most people do whatever it takes to get what they want..
once they’ve got it, then they show their true self.
Sexually, mentally, emotionally…etc.
By that time, most are stuck,
either mentally or literally.
So I only laugh when people judge me
on the way I do things backwards,
because I believe in real love.
Not the bullshit that they do to get in your pants.
People don’t change that much,
they just don’t show the parts that won’t get them laid.
Trust me, you’ll realize everything was a lie and wasted
years for nothing.
Been there, done that,
too much drama, too many games..
not enough time.
Seriously, most men show their true selves
after chasing you or banging you.
Sex shouldn’t be something to hold against someone.
So yes, I would never consider getting to know someone
after going into a relationship with them,
I would rather know their deepest darkest secret beforehand;
And I would never consider only having sex with someone
after getting to know them,
because that’s the person I want to know.
Yes, it’s unconventional.
But think of it this way,
if you’re full disclosure and honest from day one,
there would never be a need to lie or
to cover up or to make excuses,
to hide secrets or discover skeletons..
isn’t that better?
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