November 27, 2014.

Every year, one month in particular where I am at my weakest.
December, I love you as much as I hate you..
I love the warming ideas of celebration,
the decoration, the family, the love, and the festivity..
I love the idea of Christmas too much,
like a fairy tale at times,
which makes it more obvious why it saddens me..
hmmm. Yes, tis the season to be jolly, of all the family crap I have instead.
Thank goodness I at least have Baileys here with me nowadays..
Who the hell needs that kind of family anyways,
I made it my mission to remove all negativity in my life,
and so I did, including them and their ways, their memories.
Never regretted a second of it, never will.
I just have remember to remind myself, every day,
my goal in life is to be happy, share the love,
and maybe one day inspire others.
To another brand new year,
the best is yet to come…..

Live, laugh, love, and learn… my journey continues… ❤

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