A Brat

What’s a brat?
A brat is a child who craves love and attention.
A brat is one who’s stubborn and demanding.
A brat is one who acts out to get what they want.
A brat is also just human, with basic instincts and reactions.
You don’t give a brat weak parents who cannot control their child.
You don’t give a brat parents who lacks patience or control.
You also don’t spoil a brat with everything they desire,
just because they scream and stomp their feet.
A brat needs strong parents,
who can provide love, care and order.
Parents who can provide guidance and discipline.
Parents who can provide a safe haven for the drifting mind.
Parents who bares attentiveness and time.
Parents who doesn’t just blindly demands,
instead, sets a good example with fairness and reasons.
A brat needs structure and routine,
plus a perfect balance between control and freedom.
What a brat really need, is a teacher, a parent, a counselor.
To help build, mold, guide, inspire, a better person,
yet not changing the brat from within.
What a brat really is,
is just a strong child with endless possibilities.
The goal is not to break them,
but to upgrade them.
What a brat really need,
is just love, attention, and affection.
And that’s why I’m known for being good with bratty kids,
it’s because I am myself, a brat,
always was, always will be.

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