December 7, 2014.

Haven’t been sleeping well the past week…
but after a long intoxicated night..
feels like the weight of all the sleepless nights
has finally caught up with me..
can’t seem to stay awake.. I’m even falling asleep sitting here..
even with all the chronic pain I can feel..
my body and mind needs to be turned off,
for just one day.
And I need to just breathe.

It’s been a week of various psychological ups and downs,
I’m mentally in off mode to avoid the December blues.
I’m lucky enough to have great friends who reminds me that I am enough,
but from time to time, the blues brings up forgotten memories,
I know I’m too stubborn to ask for help.
So don’t mind me, I might just get a little crazy,
a little off the wall,
a little of a cold blooded bitch.
For old times sake,
I need to be a child,
for just this month.

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