December 11, 2014.

You know why I don’t trust people?
Because they always take advantage of you every chance they can.
You never know who they are,
because those innocent looking ones are the most deceitful.
I am exactly who I say I am, and not ashamed to admit it,
I don’t blame other people for my own bad decisions,
and I surely don’t knowingly deny my own actions,
worst, is make up shit behind my back.
If you have the balls to say I did something,
say it in front of my face, at least then,
I can tell my side of the story,
even if some do take advantage of the fact
that my memories go blank when I drink to a certain point.
People should also remember one thing,
I do remember things sometimes,
especially those times I wasn’t actually that drunk.
The difference is,
I don’t because it wasn’t my story to tell.
Bitches and drama. No thanks.

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