I know I’m scared of changes, so much,
I’d rather stay idle indefinitely..
An addiction of enjoying happiness,
even for just one moment,
even with the most insignificant emotions,
gives me so much pleasure..
In my journey of life,
I’ve mended and I’ve learned,
to be happy and content,
with every bit that my life offers,
as well as mastering the hardest skill of all,
of removing all that is or could,
be the negativity that makes us small…
In my dictionary,
the best way to avoid failures,
is to only do what you’re good at.
And knowing that I’m not really,
as brave as I perceive to be,
here lies the best illusion of mine,
is to walk away before your weakness prevails.
Changes mean the chance of having nothing at all,
so why risk ruining perfect memories..
Why can’t I continue chasing these invisible butterflies?

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2 Responses to Idle…

  1. Mikavelli says:

    This is really beautiful!

    I was wondering about the avoiding failures part though. Aren’t (inevitable) failures how we learn?

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    • A. says:

      haha thanks. True, we do learn from our failures in life, but in skills and actions, much less in emotions, that, is something that most can’t change.. :p


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