Dream a little…

Is it bad that in certain parts of life,20060627222653_light_beams__1_wp_by_dralzheimer
I’m very easily satisfied,
and in other parts,
I’m rarely ever satisfied?
Although most might not see it,
but I am truly happy for everything I have in my life,
quality does beat quantity.
I’m not perfect, and I never will be,
but I’m improving every day,
I might not be building a better life financial wise,
but I am building a better person,
a happier person, myself.
On lonely nights, one might feel completely pointless,
one might be lost, on reasons to continue fighting,
those are the reasons of my tattoos,
to remind myself of all that I believe in,
and that there is nothing wrong with it.
I might not dare to love, but I sure as hell dare to dream…
and sometimes dreams are good enough.

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