Something to think about…

So, I’ve given this some thought for years…
Although I have no problem waiting till the end of time for ‘the right one’,
a women’s body, however, does not have all the time in the world.
The number is 35, I am 31 now.
The plan is to have a child with a friend,
one who’s mature enough to stay friends as well as be involved said child’s life,
physically, mentally, and well… financially capable, to raise a child together.
To be honest, I can’t afford to raise one on my own, neither would I ever raise one alone,
or risk having a broken family from anything unexpected.

Basically I would like my child to have 2 full time loving parents,
They would be best friends who are roommates/neighbors,
and in time, maybe turn into 2 full time loving families,
when either/or both parents find their right partners.
It’s a valid option for consideration in a child’s best interest,
to avoid the drama and the jealousy of romantically involved couples who falls apart.

I do sort of already have someone who had already volunteered,
but haven’t gone through the details yet to be considered valid.

I know some people might think it’s crazy, each to their own preference I guess.
I’ve seen more than a few people who actually does this, and it works for them.
Wondering if there are any other like minded people out there who might be up for it,
strictly limited to friends of course, come have a chat.
Just think I should put more thought into it now rather than later,
and to find the best option available of course.

Physical preferences similar to the men I chose, who doesn’t want a beautiful child..


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