Jan 10, 2015.

A little over a year ago,
a moment of sadness took my hormones way off balance,
from a chain of insignificant things that fell apart,
or in better words, never came together,
for reasons I really couldn’t control or care much about,
or so it seems.
I wasn’t hurt, not physically, not emotionally,
just plain old ugly truth of reality at that moment,
the weight of the world had brought me to my knees in tears.
My eyes poured hard for that hour,
and intensely it did,
blew my eyes outs as if bees have had a feast,
it’s been doing so since I was a little girl.
And, just as the numerous times before,
this was mind’s way of turning off.
Just like a light switch,
the lights went out…
It has stayed out since then,
not even sure if there’s electricity anymore,
but surely not worth trying to find that switch again,
not till the day when beautiful butterflies come knocking on my door.
Jesus Christ, my drifting mind has made this into complete nonsense..
So typical. What can I say, it’s the aftertaste of alcoholic thoughts. :p

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