The Mentality Of A Child

I love being a child,Children running down a sand dune
not my own childhood per se..
but as a child in general,
everything is much simpler..
you can love everyone,
you can trust everyone,
you can be friends with everyone,
your mind is free to mold,
your body is free to eat,
your heart is free to feel.
No drama, no games,
simple basic human instinct.
Eat, sleep, love, play, dream,
and everyone else feels the same way.

Of course, this is a child’s fairy tale.
Thankfully, I’m already living as much of it as I can.
Considering what life has shown me so far,
I’d say I won the lottery on this one,
who cares about all that I don’t have or might never have,
I can’t complain about how much good it had become.
Thank you world,
for letting me be the child I never was. 🙂

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