March 13, 2015.

It seems sometimes people fail to realize that I’m not like other girls…
Other girls lived their whole life being goody goodies and needs to be bad…
thus their obsession with bad boys..
and the saying of good girls always falling for bad boys.

I’ve been there, I’ve done all that crap.. been with all the bad boys I can handle for 5 lifetimes.
Drained my soul removing myself from that past.
Took me years to straighten out my life.
Took me years to find self worth.
Took me years to make something of myself…

If most don’t already know, the so called bad boys are a turn off for me,
the oh I’m so cool, or oh I’m so hardcore men are a dime a dozen.
The whole bad boy plus bad girl mixture are doomed for mutual destruction.
Like Kurt & Courtney…

I was, and probably still am, ‘THAT’ bad girl.
I’m very hazardous…
Bad girls like me craves good boys…
In order to make rainbows out of rain..
from the part of me that fails to exist..
I like sunshine, not thunderstorms.
Those buggers are just too much for my taste…

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