My Journey, My Ways, My Reasons..

I’m one of those ‘enjoy the moment’ kind of person.Fine_art_body_painting_More_Than_Words_1_by_Bella_Volen
My sole purpose of everything I do,
is to maintain a happy and balanced life,
no matter how short lived each moment may be,
and not hurting anyone along the way.

I’m focused on living, learning and inspiring.
I’m very selective,
because I chose to only keep
positive and healthy people around me,
as I continue to grow,
in many different ways throughout my journey.

I’m only as evil as the soil
I choose to plant my roots,
thus my choice not to do as such.

I admit, I have walls.
They’re there for a reason.
It protects me from all the darkness,
evil, and negativity of the world.
It’s like the clothes that we wear,
it does and can come off
when we’re in the comforts of our own home
or a safe sheltered place.
You wouldn’t walk the streets naked either,
would you?

I am a selectively extroverted thinking introvert,
who converses the world through expressive writing.
My literal words are less well thought,
my speech does not carry the same elegance
as the key strokes of my carefully calculated words.
It is my communication to the world,
who I really am, and how I really think and feel.

All these, are just a few of my imperfections,
and I’m ok with it.
Even if it’s just me versus the world,
this is who I am at this moment.
I don’t mind being different,
no, I love being different,
even if the world disagrees with it.

I call this, a beautiful mess,
I love this beautiful mess,
and that’s all that matters.  ❤

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