My Interaction With The World…

Different people sees different sides of me,5
some has never seen the bitch side,
some has only seen the bitch side.
Why? Because my reaction with people is a mirror image of how they are to me.
It, can be a fault in a way…
Because I don’t have feelings for things that has no feelings.
I do not care for those who doesn’t care.
Yes, I am very much influenced by the people around me.
Even if I don’t know it myself at the time,
my mentality senses people’s reactions and emotions,
then reacts equally.
Like a child, I copy what I see,
usually very unintentional…
That is why I care so much for the few friends that I have,
and even more for my kids, and my cat.
Thus equally, no emotions for my own family,
or ever fall for people like others do.
I’m just not built that way.

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