Being lost in a state of mind…

Have been so lost in my own head space these days,3608023917_59c138a89c2
from continuously coloring the rainbows in my path.
Seems I’ve forgotten the existence of those things of less priority,
but those things are certainly not less needed.
Being too content with ones life,
as is and without relying on a single soul,
may be as great as it is a fault,
because there will come a day,
where affections that weren’t meant to be,
will cease to exist,
as well as let loose to care,
when things go wrong…
I do question my self proclaimed happiness sometimes,
but I’ll continue to help myself grow.
No matter what past I hid and what life I choose live,
I’ll always appreciate my own egg-shell sized efforts,
because no matter how small they are,
they’re still bringing me a little closer,
to building a more complete being.

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