May 6, 2015.

What baffles me most is people’s need to find out the reason behind a rejection.
It’s obviously something negative and negative things generally offends people,
and those reasons may or may not be in a general sense,
but in individual compatibility, preferences, or simple chemistry.
I get rejected all the time,
every individual has their own million different reasons they’re rejected, and as do I.
I accept that, it’s who I am, and people are allowed to not be attracted to me for those reasons.
It’s not like people are rejected for being too gorgeous, or too amazing.
So why do people insist on knowing the reasons,
when they know the answer is most definitely something they don’t want to hear.
Yet politely declining seems to be perceived to be playing hard to get.
Although I’m not sure why the literal saying “Not interested” is not enough nowadays…
I may look like one of them trashy girls, and I may have many ‘men-like’ mentalities,
but I certainly have no intention of banging every single cock that comes my way.
Especially when I actually have a basic type I’m attracted to,
anything less, it doesn’t matter how nice and whatever they are,
that chemistry just never sparks..
So just an fyi to the general public, my personal biggest turnoffs:
Short men-I’m only attracted to things I look up to, literally and in heels,
skinny men, hairy men, mean men, rich-spoiled men, broke-ass men,
junkie men, manipulative men, narcissistic men, deceitful men, and submissive men.
There you have it.

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