August 8, 2015.

And then there are people like me,
who were made and shaped with many flaws,
we just don’t trust people to connect,
share or show emotions.
For us, it’s just easier
to not include emotions.
Research can be bias,
since not everyone has
the exact same childhood and genetics.
People aren’t identical,
therefore, results can only be used as a reference.

People like me are only affected by emotions and relationships.
I’m better at having no feelings than having them…
I’m learning everything for the first time,
the love for life,
the love of self worth,
the love for what I’m passionate about,
the love to discover and learn,
the love to inspire,
the love to make a difference,
the love to be different,
the love for those that loves me for me,
my kids and my kitty,
because it’s simple… and unconditional.

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