My Own Little Fairy Tale…

To be honest, I am myself the most when I’m with my kids.
That’s the only time I get to act and play like the child that I am.
That’s the only time I get to be as stupid and retarded as I want,
and absorb all the happiness and laughter that I thrive on.
Yes, I love bouncing off the walls,
Yes, I love making over exaggerated facial expressions
as if I was in an anime.
Yes, I love stupid and dumb jokes that serves no purpose.
Yes, I love to be amused by everything around me,
for the first time, every time.
Yes, I love to dream of rainbows and unicorns..
Even singing random words of silly thoughts,
while dancing and prancing around,
in my own little yellow brick road musical.
Being simple makes me happy,
and all I ever wanted, is just to be happy..
Sadly, being a grown up or being around them,
means I can never really be myself,
and being anyone other than me,
is exhausting..

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