Removing negativity and its people is the first step towards happiness…

In recent years, I’ve realized..
it’s the negative people around me
that caused such sadness in me in the past..
From friends to family, since then,
I’ve removed those people from my life.
Even my father, who thinks negatively towards everything, faces everything as if the world owed him,
and lacks respect of all people and women as if they were all below him.
One who only bothered to think about himself and no one else.
My family’s way of showing love is by making people feel invisible,
non-existence until it served a purpose of personal means.
It’s exactly where I inherited the “inability to have or show people our feelings” trait.
Come to think of it.
None of my parents contributed to what I’ve become today,
except to be exactly the opposite of how they were.
None of the good in me came from them…
I’m pretty sure of that.
Maybe all the things they lacked passed on to me when they made me..
Empathy, love, self reflection, self love, hope, kindness, improvement, understanding, happiness,
being content, seeing the good in people, and being at peace.
All these are what I consider good qualities that I’ve procured the last few years,
they were all discovered on my own through trial and error.

And I thank myself and the world every day for this.

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