Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016… Welcome~!

You know you’re old when you look back at all your
“Good Times” albums for the last 5 years,
and you see from what used to be hundreds
of bar pics to less than 10 in that whole year..
Think mostly because I simply have
no one to drink with anymore,
or I’m too broke to go out and spend
lavishly like everyone else,
can’t find other cheap asses
like me to enjoy cheap drinking deals,
so I did the next best thing,
which was embracing my solitude
with things I love and can do alone.
After a while, it became things I
look forward to doing every chance I get,
every week… or consuming all my time
and focus in the million different
DIY projects I have going on at all times…

Soon, I’ve realized I’ve forgotten
about everything and everyone else
that existed around me.
My sincere apologies to my dearest
friends and maybe a few men I seem to have neglected.
Nowadays, seems I have also lost interest
in massive drinking nights and overcrowded bar scenes.
Instead, I keep my fridge permanently
stocked with Somersby and enjoy them
in the comfort of my own home,
cuddled up with my baby girl..
since she guilts me into feeling
like I’m abandoning her every time I leave. -_-

That, was how I ended 2015…
traded in the bar scene,
embraced the outdoors on my own,
challenged myself with long solo hikes
even as long as 2 days and camping overnight…

I wonder what awaits me in 2016,
what new challenges to accomplish,
what new experiences to dabble…
My only hope,
is to only be as happy as I can be,
as often as I can,
with as little as possible..
also hopefully not as wrapped up
in my own bubble as with my usual self.

Good luck, dear me. ❤

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