April 27, 2016.

I love karma.

I’ve worked hard to achieve
peace of mind through the years, building my own karma simple being the best I can be, without all the social BS and drama.

Many fables have been told of me and those who chooses to believe or tell these lies will only see me walk away. I may not have ever that urge to fight.. It doesn’t mean I’m blind.  I just dislike stooping to the level of those I despise.

In fact, I’m just waiting for karma, and most of the time, it does exist, vindictive people eventually get their own taste of the same medicine they’ve spread long ago.

There is a reason why I am so adamant on my wills and my ways, not ever hurting anyone or anything mentally or physically for whatever reason is at the top of that.  I am trying to be better than who I was, every single day.  I know I’m far from perfect, I never said I was or will be.  And those who takes advantage of that, will just have to live with karma biting them in the ass sooner or later. Then, I will reap the joy of watching people get what they deserve, without lifting a finger to fuel it.

In the end, we all know, a leopard can never change its skin, but wolves are almost always disguised in sheep’s clothes.. I am simply a fox, I am exactly what I say I am, not evil, and definitely not pure, but, enjoying a world of its own wherever it finds home.

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