My love. My mentality. My senses.

1280px-Sandro_Botticelli_-_La_nascita_di_Venere_-_Google_Art_Project_-_editedLike women and their heels, we often regularly browse the stores for a new pair…
Some, has the addiction of buying them for simply adding to the collection.
Some, targets a specific type of heels: stilettoes, pumps, wedges, peeptoes, platforms… even the height of heels can be an addiction.
And others, only go shopping for a new pair once the old ones expire.
In many cases, most would agree on their belief that one must have a pair to feel like a woman, or to be happy.

I, on the other hand, have learned to love being barefoot while between perfect heels. I am just as happy embracing the comfort of my feet as nature has given me. No, I did not decide to never wear heels. Neither will I ever be done with the addiction of wearing heels. I love how they feel on my feet, and I love how they brighten up my soul. I simply got tired of buying every single pair of ‘tall enough’ heels every time I stop at a shop, then never wearing them because they either hurt my feet, didn’t fit, don’t match anything in my wardrobe, or simply doesn’t suit me in real life .

What people seemed to be confused about, is thinking that I must buy a pair if I’m at the store. Or thinking that I must not be looking hard enough. Whatever reason it may be, people all seem to think that they need to find me a pair of heels. Come on, it’s not that I’m incapable of finding and buying heels on my own, I simply haven’t seen a pair that I want to buy. And I’m completely ok with that. It does not make me any less of a woman, neither does it mean I’m a woman with disfigured feet that aren’t fit to wear heels. I simply got tired of buying heels after heels only to toss them aside or worst, damage my feet. Risking blisters to bone disfigurements, some can be temporary and some can be permanent, who knows, wasting money is also another factor . Hence nowadays, I’m not bothered by walking out of a store empty-handed . Sometimes, stores just don’t have styles that strike my interest. I want to buy heels that I adore as much as I’d wear comfortably and still be affordable . Yup, that’d be my perfect heels. And nope, I’m actually not talking about heels at all. Just a simple analogy so I can speak my mind freely.

But seriously, I’d like to shop for myself, please don’t judge my shopping habits.

Thank you. 😉

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