May 1, 2018.

Life Stories
Robert Downey Jr.: From troubled teen to Tony Stark

My thoughts:

Falling rock bottom isn’t always the end. Sometimes, you can find a way to get back up and make a difference to those once in your shoes.

I’ve once fell that low, in another life before I was 18… And like a phoenix who rose from its ashes. it took years where I did lose myself in negative environments and situations, what that, came countless personal issues. However, by random chance, I was able to discover something I’m passionate about which also led me become a better self through personal development, self discovery and reflection on why I am the way I am. I’m still in this journey where I aim to be better than who I was yesterday, as a person, as a teacher, as a mother(cats still counts), and as a person who stands on her own two feet without the need to rely on anyone to feel happy. This, right here, is what makes me the happiest.


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