To Be Happy

Summer-Sunshine-Grass-Shirts-Smiley-faceIn life, many spend years chasing after what they think will make them happy.. in turns they’re spending wasted years being unsatisfied with what they have when they should be appreciating every second of those that existed. When in doubt, pause for a second.. and look back, when was the last time you had a moment where your mind was focused on one thing that you are enjoying, when you were laughing from the heart for being right where you are… that moment where nothing else in the world mattered or existed, and you are as content as you can be with what your eyes see and what your heart feels. Those are the insignificant things you should be thankful for.

No matter if it’s a good night out with your friends,or… a quiet day fishing alone by the ocean feeling the warm sun on your skin,or…when a random friend who can make you laugh with all the retarded jokes in the world,or… when a stranger randomly grabs you out to the dance floor for a salsa lesson,or… when your students runs up to you for a hug, blows you a kiss,or… when you’re cuddled up to someone who enjoys being in your arms…
Know this, the fact is nothing in life last forever… so do what you love and love what you do, love what you have and fight for what you’ve got, Let yourself enjoy that moment, no matter how short lived it was…If you rather spend your life complaining about how things would be more will never be truly happy.

I, am proud to say that I am, even with all the bullshit life has thrown at me…I find myself laughing like a 5 year old in a candy store all the time..because I can see those little things, those simple things,that brightens my world one inch at a time every single day..This is my life, I can honestly say that I am happy, and I can still take on the world.

Can you do the same?

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