July 14, 2013

One month count down till I turn 30, no more excuses to be the immature little brat that I am… sigh. Still proud to have came this far, though not many would ever understand how and why I am the way I am. Still far from perfect but I’m making the best out of whatever the world throws at me. This is who I am. every fault and scar comes with a positive outcome, that’s what I made sure. I’m trying and I’ve changed a lot the past year and a half especially with this new job, brought light into what seemed so dark.. I still have faith, and I do still believe,… one day, I know it will all be worth waiting. Life is beautiful, never let anyone make you feel anything less. You will only be who you make yourself to be.. I will continue fighting those skeletons hiding in my closet, this is my battle, and one day, I will win. ♥

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